30TH JULY 2020

There are many different types of face masks and face coverings available to buy all over the internet, from the disposable surgical type, to homemade fabric masks, and even designer labels have created face masks for their customers to wear in style. But what are the pros and cons of these masks, and what makes the performance of our snood design stand out against the rest?

The safety of our wearers is the utmost priority, and our Virustatic Shield has been designed with that at the forefront of our minds. The snood shape of our face coverings has no side gaps and contours to the face, providing the wearer and those around them with better protection.

Homemade Masks

The protection given by homemade or fashion-style fabric face coverings, often made of cotton or similar material, will vary hugely. The protection provided by different fabrics is inconsistent and may only stop around 42% of viruses. Our Shield is the result of rigorous material science research and has been proven to provide up to 98% protection with just one breathable layer in combination with our unique Viruferrin™ protein coating.

The Virustatic Shield is the only face covering with the Viruferrin™ coating, independently tested by VisMederi at the University of Siena, and found to inhibit infectivity of the SARS-CoV-2 strain which is responsible for the current pandemic.

Three Layered Masks

Although the Government and WHO are recommending three layers of material, that still provides an uncertain protection level. We believe that the differences between our 98% effective shields and other types of face masks are incomparable. Our Virustatic Shield has been tested by leading scientists and virologists and its innovative features means it does not require three layers of protection in order to be highly effective. One layer also means that there is no loss of speech clarity and so it is easy to communicate when worn.

Comfort Is Key

This snood design is also much more comfortable than other types of face coverings, and it offers two-way protection! It provides maximum comfort whilst covering the contours of the face, stopping the escape and entry of virus-laden fluid aerosols and droplets and ultimately slowing down the rate of infection. This element of comfort makes the Shields perfect for long hours of use without the chance of irritation or skin damage and it is much easier to breathe when on the move, working or exercising.

If you do notice that the Virustatic Shield has gaps around the top of your nose, there’s no need to worry. The air you breathe in and out will always opt for the path of least resistance, which is directly through the lightweight, breathable fabric around your nostrils and mouth, while the Viruferrin™ coating traps any harmful pathogens from getting through.

Single Use Masks

When comparing the Virustatic Shield to single use surgical face masks, it’s important to bear the words ‘single use’ in mind. Disposable masks usually cost about £2.50 each and can only be worn for four hours before you need to change them and throw your old one away. They have contributed to a high amount of water pollution since the start of the pandemic, with many marine biologists warning of a hidden danger when the pandemic begins to slow.

Our Shield is up to 98% effective for 200 hours, meaning that it’s over eight times more cost-effective and far more environmentally friendly. You would need to buy 50 disposable face masks for the same amount of use. After three hand washes, the Virustatic Shield can still be used as a face covering or for other uses and so it doesn’t have to be thrown away.

Transmitting by Touch

When taking off or adjusting other face masks and coverings, there is a chance that viruses on the surface will transfer to your fingers or onto your mouth as you take it off, which is how some people contract illnesses such as COVID-19. The Viruferrin™ coating on our Shields eliminates this risk, as the protein binds the virus to the surface of the Shield and stops viruses from transferring onto your hands, so you don’t need to worry about how you handle the snood during the day at all.

Having said this, it is important to keep your hands as clean as possible as they will be coming into close contact with your face, so please bear that in mind when you do so.

So, whether you’re looking to protect yourself from infection or to protect the environment from disposable masks, the Virustatic Shield has many benefits that are very hard to overlook and ignore.

Buy your Virustatic Shield today!

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